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Meghan Trainor - All About the Bass Love this song

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Get some free stuff something for everyone. Men Woman, Kids, Pets, sports all sorts of things and you can get them FREE 2 Clicks to Signup Promote your #business send #free Samples that U do already but get credits to get free things for yourself. Think about. Hello this is an awesome site. I have received all sorts of things. Such as, socks, jewelry, sports memorabilia, Household items, games. Come and join the fun.

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So I started doing some reviews of products on Influenster.
Love this site. It's Easy to Join and to get verified. You do need to have some pretty decent amount of friends to qualify. Not sure I have a great following on all of my sites. So I'm really not sure on that part. On how on many people you really need to get verified.
As, I can see you qualify yourself by getting badges the more badges the more reviews you can do.
Influenster provides step by step instructions. Which I think is great. Than trying to figure things out on your own. And you get a cool free stuff in the mail.
This is the first box that I received from Influenster it's called TLCVoxBox
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to continued.

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Learn Photo Editing (view mobile)
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Coram Thrift Store & Flea Market #longIsland


Thrift Store n' Flea Market

on Saturday June 21st, 2014 

395 Middle Country Rd. 
Coram NY 11727 
Come one Come ALL!!! 
Something for Everyone! 

New & Used Items:
Jewelry, Vintage & Antiques,
Dog & Cat Accessories, Clothing, Books, Religious Items, KnickKnacks,
And so more! 
Please mark this event on your calendar.

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Just love free stuff

Asking for her hand in #Marriage Being a woman is priceless #rt #share

A lot of men think they are doing women a favor by asking for her hand in marriage, but let’s think about this :
she changes her name,changes her home,leaves her family,moves in with you,builds a home with you,gets pregnant for you,pregnancy changes her body,she gets fat,almost gives up in the labor room due to the unbearable pains of child birth even the kids she delivers bear your name.Till the day she dies...everything she does, (cooking, cleaning your house, taking care of your parents,bringing up your children, earning, advising you, ensuring you can be relaxed, maintaining all family relations, everything that benefit you.....sometimes at the cost of her own health , hobbies and beauty.
so who is really doing whom a favor?
Dear men appreciate the women in your lives always, coz it is not easy to be a woman.
*Being a woman is priceless
so who is really doing whom a favor?Dear men appreciate the women in your lives always, coz it is not easy to be a woman.*Being a woman is priceless

Written by Little Minnie

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Coupon Corner: Online tools make couponing much easier

Winston-Salem Journal
I wasn't aware of any websites — or if any existed — that would tell me what was on sale and where thecoupons were. It was tedious work to find the ...

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Did You Loose Someone U #Love #share #ThenTilNow #music #spreadthelove

If you have ever lost someone to death love this song. Makes me cry and laugh at the same time. Off the hook. Trying to spread the love.

Great song!
Please share!

Great #Story . #watch this #video #rt #share

#Shameless #Love this Fucking #show #rt #share

My thought on last sunday's Shameless show on Showtime.
This episode was breathtaking, magnificent, EXCELLENT job. Couldn't stop watching it. kept on rewinding it ... Then watching it over again and over just in I missed anything. Love these parts ... Mickey came out the closet awesome... outside on the car screaming at each other mickey describing what they do and what he loves ... sucking his .... n the cops unhook the cuffs and let him go mickey was shocked the cop wanted to go home to his husband too much paper it i was dying. awesome season. but this was the best of all time episode .. ... maybe this will encourage others to do the same and tell their usually ignorant family member to go fuck themselves..... Carl hitting Frank in his crotch was priceless lol... Felt bad for Fiona shes having a rough time.. I don't think she deserves it. But we all have to live to learn. Keep up the great work!.

Please leave a comment if you love Shameless 

Woman Tired Of Obsession With Perfection #rt #share #trend

You've heard of the Naked Cowboy in New York's Times Square? Now Hollywood has this bikini-clad gal who is hoping to show that you don't have to be a size 1 to have good self-esteem! 

What do you think? Does she deserve a "You go girl!" or should she just go away?

Hear what she had to say AND SHOW our Gina Silva:

TOO FUNNY! I can't stop laughing with this Photo booth Prank!

TOO FUNNY! I can't stop laughing with this Photo booth Prank!

SHARE with Friends and spread the LAUGHTER!

#love watching new #artist Don't sleep on this #1.. #share pls

Rosie | Public Profile

Rosie | Public Profile

I just figured out that I have a Profile for all the links i have post through you need to check it out it's pretty cool.

I have created & posted some interesting stuff.

This is what HUSTLE is all about!! Be happy!!! #share

Get in shape here's a great video to get started. 

Learn it. Share it. Practice it then post it! 

Are U always tired? Energy Drinks are Horrible for you! READ Y!!!!#rt #share

Are U always tired? 

I have a solution for you!

Greens by itWorks

Not eating all of the fruits and veggies that you should? Feeling sluggish and off balance? Want more energy to get through your day? Help detoxify, alkalize and energize your body with every glass of Greens, now with an even better pH-balancing blend that includes an acidity-fighting combination of magnesium and potassium for even more alkalizing properties.  New added probiotic support helps you better maintain that healthy balance by keeping your digestive system regular and toxins flowing out.

With 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables and a blend of 38 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods, Greens provides naturally occurring, bioavailable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and enzymes to give your already well-balanced diet a nutritional boost.  
It’s maximum support for your best health, all in a Great flavor.

38 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods
• Detoxify, alkalize, and promote pH balance within the body
• Acidity-fighting magnesium and potassium blend
• Cutting-edge probiotic support for digestive health
• 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables in every scoop
• Free radical-fighting antioxidants
• Tangy Orange • Berry •
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Energy Drinks are Horrible for you! 
Found this article

WebMD Health News
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

Sept. 24, 2008 -- Caffeinated energy drinks that promise super alertness -- and sometimes imply better sports performance -- should carry labels that specify their amount of caffeine, says a Johns Hopkins University scientist.
Drinks with the highest caffeine content should also warn of potential health dangers, says Roland Griffiths, PhD, a professor of psychiatry and neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, and senior author of a new report on the beverages.
The industry begs to differ, with spokespeople pointing out that most "mainstream" energy drinks contain the same amount of caffeine, or even less, than you'd get in a cup of brewed coffee. If labels listing caffeine content are required on energy drinks, they should also be required on coffeehouse coffee, says Maureen Storey, PhD, a spokeswoman for the American Beverage Association.

© 2008 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Bitcoins are a great way to make money. I started researching about it. And so far this is what I found. As I find more will update.

You can make FREE Bitcoins with a little effort. 

I make .01 btc a day, which is about $6 a day right now. Although I know eventually bitcoin will be at $10,000 a coin so i look at .01 as $100.
I started slow with this method and slowly built up enough twitter followers and got enough exposure to be earning .01 bitcoin per day.

Step 1

CoinURL is a service where you can have banners, links, website stuff, all kinds of things that you can use to monetize your site and get bitcoin payments for doing it. For my method I only used the link shortening service, but you can make it your own and use all the other devices they have available as well. If you do, post them here so everyone can benefit.


Ok once you sign up with CoinURL;

Step 2

Decide on a niche or catagory of information that you would like to promote on twitter and start following people around that niche. So for example if you are going to tweet about tech stuff, start following Microsoft, Apple, etc.

Use Twiends or other similar follow me services to start building your account followers up.
I will post in another segment soon.

Step 3

Sign up for google alerts!

Google Alerts is a sweet service where you can put alert keywords in and a few setttings and google will email you links as they come onto the web for your designated niche. This is your CLink. All day long google will email you new links. I copy and paste the title of the link, maybe even spice it up a bit, fit in (#) hashtags if I can, now you take the link and shorten it with CoinURL. So the Title plus your shortened coinurl link will be your TWEET. I save all these in a notepad file, as you go you will have hundreds of links saved in this file. These can be used later or rolled into new accounts that havent tweeted them yet. That brings us to step 4,

Step 4

Sign up for a socialoomph account. socialoomph is a great free tweet scheduler, i do have the premium package, its not what i would recommend for new users, because you want to spend nothing at first. i used the free one for months before i started making enough to justify actually paying for the service. load your twitter accounts into socialoomph so that socialoomph can schedule tweets for you.

Go to the create a new update under the posting tab at the top of the page. all you do from here is take your Clink paste it in, and schedule what time you want to tweet it.

My standard operation with new CLink is tweet the tweet right now, then I tweet it 8 hrs, 16 hrs, 24 hrs, 32 hrs in the future. so thats 5 tweets per CLink. now if you are putting a big list of tweets in, which is what i do every morning, because my inbox is filled with all the hot topics that i have google alerts send me, i make up my text and links with coinurl, paste them in my notepad file, and start scheduling them. i do the first one just as i described above. then every one after that i do 1 hour later. so the 5 tweet times will be 1hr, 9 hr, 17 hr, 25 hr, and 33 hrs. and so on and so on. that way you are not tweeting too many, to a) piss off your followers and they will unfollow you, and b) twitter will suspend your account for tweeting too much.

Now why the 8 hour gap you ask? time zones. doing 8 hour gaps insures that your tweet is seen in the middle of the day by people all over the globe. If you just tweet in your time zones primetime, you are selling yourself short.

Step 5

Just keep scheduling tweets everyday as they come to you from google alerts, and putting them on social oomph. you can watch all your clicks come in real time on coinurl, and the great thing is they don't even have to click skip ad, once they click your link on twitter they credit you bitcoin. i have a firewall at work and if i click one of my coinurl shortened links, it shows our firewall message and STILL i get credit for the click. They are not very crazy like some of these companies that dont want to credit your clicks. Also the same person can click on 100 of your links if you want! Just one person per link per day.

CoinURL lets you shorten 10000 links per day. So its very very scaleable. If i wasnt already working 60+ hours a week I would be putting more and more time into this because it has only gotten bigger as my twitter accounts have grown and i get more and more clicks.

Also a tip, if your niche isn't working out, change it up and see if you get better results.

The great thing about this method is it cost $0 and basically anyone can do it. And the twittersphere is so large no one gets in each others way. 

PM me for any questions
have fun guys.


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This is a great site to get rid of your unwanted stuff. They always say "one mans junk, is another man's treasure. Well, this is the place for it Listia. You are allowed only one account per household. Meaning if someone else would like a account from your household, they can't. Would have to share 1 account. Listia thinks, your trying to make multiple accounts. For some apparent reason.  Trading items Listia makes it real simple and if you refer friends you Credits and they get credits everyone wins.  Verify who you are and you will get reward with more credits. You can get around 3500 credits just for signing up and there are so many things you can get even for the kids and a lot of the stuff is free shipping or if there is shipping its nothing crazy. And you can get rid of your stuff they pay shipping or you pay. Depends on the situation. 
I love this site


$5 Off Personalized Flasks With Code 4148. Valid In-Store and Online.

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness-Full  Reg


HUGE List of Free Homeschooling Resources from!

Easter Blessings Fun Pack

Free Homeschool List

LEGO Addition Pages

More Freebies!

Click here for more homeschool freebies!


Free Cleaning Checklist

Click here for more family freebies!


3-14 books

Here are more Kindle freebies!

 Multiple Sclerosis Awareness-Full  Reg


I Choose Faithfulness

Don't miss these featured articles!
FHD FB Profile Photo

Amazing Free Homeschool Deals Sponsors! - Educents is an exciting flash educational deal site that offers curriculum and education discounts of up to 90%!  PLUS, as an FHD reader you can use the exclusive coupon code of FHD10 to take an additional 10% off all of your purchases!

Teach Them Diligently Convention - TheTeach Them Diligently Convention is a Christian Homeschool family event that will be held in four locations for 2014 including Nashville TN, Washington DC, Spartanburg SC, and Dallas TX!  My family and I will be at TN, DC, and TX events in 2014. I hope to see you there!

SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft is an educational, family friendly, kid safe Minecraft Server. Minecraft curriculum is available for History, Literature, Math, Science and more

Great Homeschool Conventions -  Great Homeschool Conventions is a huge homeschool extravaganza featuring amazing speakers (Ben Carson – woohoo!) and so much more in 2014. See the list of locations across the country. I'll be speaking at the Cincinnati and California events in 2014!

Little Learning Lovies - Little Learning Lovies offers a large selection of homeschool mom designed printables, file folder games, planners, many new products that are added often!

Raising Arrows - On  Raising Arrows, you'll find all the encouragement that a homeschool mom could ever need; large family livinghomeschooling, and even grief support.

All About Learning Press- Get a free 20 Best Tips for Teaching Spelling , free All About Reading Activity Book, and brand new the free Phonogram Sounds App!

Notebooking Pages - Join for free and access many free notebooking pages! - offers downloadable homeschool curriculum in a click and thousands of  homeschool freebies
Happy Homeschooling :)


This is some funny stuff you need to see. #hilarious #funny there are some stupid ppl out their #lol #rt #share

Things you wish your girlfriend would say
(but she won't ever). DiJaKno

Wow, these male to female makeup 
transformations are incredible! DiJaKno

HILARIOUS Blonde Girl Fails  DiJaKno

Funny Pizza Box Messages  DiJaKno

Text Message Flirting Gone Wrong!  DiJaKno

Why do people feel the need to make 
their private life public?? 
Oh well, It keeps me entertained.  DiJaKno

If you think tights are pants, 

#Giveaways Make money or sell your stuff to make money!! Awesome site! #rt #share #moneymaker #wahm #love #it

I love this site.
I have learned to sell my unwanted stuff instead of throwing it out.
Or bringing it to a thrift store and getting nothing back for it.
Here you can asking for shipping or not depending on what your getting rid of.
I have shared recipes and received credits.
Giveaway homemade items and charged shipping.
Clean your house and receive credits for items you may want.
I have receive so many things such as:
xBox video games actually about 7
easter chalk
baby clothes
jewelry rings bracelets and others items

You can too it's so easy!
If you need help.
Just hmu and I will help you
Get More Free Stuff on Listia

Sharing my #finds for the day! March 11, 2014 #freebies #moneymaker Karma is Bitch...LOL #rt #share #FlappyBird Download

My New Word: Clink 
Click & Link 

York Photo-$2 Totebag

Register to and get a $2 eco-grocery totebag 
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Cash Surveys

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On the Border Endless Enchiladas

Get a FREE bowl on original queso when you order an adult entrée!

Aleve Sinus Coupon

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FREE Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel Sample
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Chevy's Fresh Mix (COUPON) 2 Kids Eat Free (1 Paying Adult)

FREE Bassmaster Hat, Tackle Bag, Book, DVD and Magazine Subscription
FREE Burberry Brit Rhythm Women’s Fragrance Sample
Win 1 Of 195 Prizes From Jack Daniels (Free Shirts, Water Bottles etc)
RetaileMeNot Loves Me Instant Win Game.
Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Oil Instant Win Game
FREE Tarte Cosmetics Makeup Sets Giveaway
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INSTANTLY WIN a FREE Bra, Swim Top, Undie!!
FREE Pampers Kandoo Super Powers Kit Giveaway
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NEW EMERGEN-C Samples.....
Win LED Pen Lights come in multiple colors.FREE Custom Etched Glass from Marlboro!!! FIRST 5000!!!
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Le Métier de Beauté Pretty in Punk Beauty Palette Sweepstakes
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BIC Unleash your Tough Sweepstakes (Win $100 & 4 Pack)
FREE “The Purim Superhero” Book
FREE Lorax Activity Book For Kids!!!
Little Caesar’s Gift Card Sweepstakes
FREE Bausch + Lomb Biotrue Contact Lens Solution Sample
FREE 2014 Mr. Met’s Kids Club Kit FREE Depends Undergarments Sample Pack!!
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Chaos Commerce - Table

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Diabetes Bracelet Awareness-Full Reg


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Crazy things that are funny check it out!

I don't know how I ever lived without these life tips. Never get a mosquito bite again! DiJaKno

Ouch! The only thing worse than a painful tattoo, is a painfully mis-spelled tattoo! #10 is just hilarious. Dijakno

You won't believe what's in your food. You probably ate one of these today. DiJaKno

Think tattoos have to be bold and dark? Think again! Check out these stunning white ink tats!  DiJaKno

Check out these awesome, realistic drawings of Disney princesses! #7 is perfect  DiJaKno

Girl Next Door Transformations  DiJaKno

Said No Man Ever  DiJaKno

Karma is Bitch...LOL  DiJaKno

Epic Drunk Text Fails  DiJaKno

Disney Princesses In Real Life  DiJaKno




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