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About Elo7
Elo7 is Brazil's largest website for buying and selling crafts. Here you buy directly from thousands of people who turn creative ideas into unique and differentiated products. Besides buying or selling, you can also enjoy the creative work of craftsmen, artists, designers and all those who manually create differentiated products and quality.
The Elo7 is a complete solution offering since the creation of the custom shop and product catalog to processing of payment of purchase with credit cards and bank transfers docket. The seller himself assembles and manage your store and registers the product, without any intervention from the site in a matter of minutes. No technical knowledge is required. While the craftsman keeps the focus on his creations, the Elo7 handles all of the technological infrastructure and payment. Elo7 This is not a single store, but rather a set of several people shopping, and this union makes a great shopping Elo7 handmade products where everyone benefits. The more stores, more interesting for buyers, who will find more diversity on the site. And the more buyers, the more interesting it is for those who have store.

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