Fake name of a disease called #FIBROMYALGIA. Can someone #help. #rt #share

Listen to my day at the doctors sorry need to veg and you guys will only understand what I am going through. Well I go to the neurologist and I tell him I have Fibromyalgia & arthritis and so on.. he's chuckles to him self.

I was livid, oh god another one. Here we go.

So He's doing his testing thing. And I'm trying explain what How I feel but I see it just passing through his ears.

So he's says.... "Fibromyalgia is something doctors tell you when they can't find anything else wrong."

SO I TELL HIM, Listen I have heard this all, over and over again. If you guys on the doctor world can't figure out what is wrong with all these people suffering with this fake name of a disease called FIBROMYALGIA.  I was like with fingers up in the air quoting. I was so tight.

How can one person feel so shitty all the time and no one can't understand why.

 Someone must have a solution.
I take the required medications they prescribe to me.
Take my vitamins, drink the daily amount of water required.
I exercise max. of 4, min. of 2 times a week.
Go to Physical Therapy.
I'm constantly trying to keep myself active and I eat right.
So, I just don't get it.


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