48-Hour Giveaway: Virtue Training Bible Kit (7 Winners) #rt #share

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Want to teach your children about character and virtue using passages from the Bible? This giveaway is for you!
The Virtue Training Bible is tool that allows parents, teachers, and children to easily look up passages of Scripture on 42 different virtues.
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The front key of the Virtue Training Bible is a visual index of the virtues that Scripture teaches us to pursue. These areas correspond to color-coded tabs and highlighted text. VTB Charts
To make a Virtue Training Bible you use the Virtue Training Bible charts that include over 500 Old Testament and New Testament Scripture references. The Virtue Training Bible Charts also include three-part prayers for each virtue.
To see more details, watch this Virtue Training Bible Video Tutorial.
I’m giving away 7 complete Virtue Training Bible kits this week. Each kit is valued at $50 and includes:
  • 1 Set of Virtue Training Bible Charts
  • 1 Bible
  • 2 Set of Post-it Flags
  • 1 Set of Highlighters
To enter to win a Virtue Training Bible Kit, click on the graphic below and type in your name and email address. One winner will be chosen and posted on Monday. This giveaway ends Friday, November 8, at 11:59 pm, CST.

Thanks to MoneySavingMom


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