Is Twitter’s Update to its Ad Platform Worth Your Time?

Marketers can now schedule tweets on Twitter’s ad platform, making it easier to plan content to coordinate a brand’s presence with inconveniently timed events or product launches. Since the Super Bowl, more and more brands are adopting real time content strategies to connect with what users are thinking and talking about. Done well, opportunistic content drives tons of engagement and anticipation. To maintain a timely content strategy, most marketers are already using a third party social media management tools to schedule our organic tweets, but now Twitter allows us to schedule promoted tweets and organic tweets on their ad platform for free.
The “compose tweet” button on now brings you to a new tweet box, which allows you to write your tweet and add a photo, location or Twitter card. To promote it, just select a campaign and before scheduling your tweet.
It Does Save Time!
 Scheduling tweets does save time. As pointed out in Twitter’s blog, “scheduled tweets allow you to Publish content at any time without having staff on-call to Tweet on evenings, weekends, holidays, or other inconvenient times.” Scheduling organic and paid tweets in one place definitely makes managing your Twitter content simplified, if you’re an advertiser. This makes it easier to manage multiple accounts, especially when planning timely content around upcoming holiday occasions, events and T.V. specials.
But is it Valuable Time?
The update doesn’t offer much to marketers using only organic tweets.  It also doesn’t provide any additional insights of advertisers from what is already available on the platform, and many third party tools do. Many management tools currently offer in depth analytics, showing helpful insights like Twitter trends, best times to tweet, or conversation happening around your brand, plus they can sync to other social media platforms.
Twitter rolled out analytics on its ad tool few months ago provides a great overview of a brand’s Twitter efforts, for free. However, it does not provide in depth information that larger advertisers need.  For example, you can’t drill down into specified time periods, and some metrics such as follower “Interests” are vague. They recently added a tracking code, for example, to add to a website and track how many visits were driven from a specific tweet. But other tracking platforms such as Google Analytics provide much more performance data.
Twitter has to potential to pull ahead of the competition with its ability to highly target ads on mobile and pull some ad budget from third party social media monitoring tools. To do it from large advertisers though, they need to focus on updating their analytics offering.
Overall, Twitter’s update is great news for advertisers. It provides us with some more flexibility and saves us time. But I think Twitter will have to look at updating its analytic offering so that it can compete with other ad platforms and third party management tools.
Do you think Twitter’s new update is worth your time? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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