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These are some GREAT $$$ sites, I use personally.
I have made $$$ on them. 
I hate programs that waste my time & 
don't want to waste your time either.
Why would U read my blog if I wrote bullshit.
I don't bullshit people. 
I like the truth. 
Give it to me straight or leave me the "ef" alone.
If U R the same then you would like reading my blog.
Rosie @--}--

This is my ##1 SITE I love this site !!!!


     Search & Win

One of my favorite sites! Been using this 4 a long time. The main way to earn on this site is search &win - Just as google but on google there is no winning for us only for google not fair.

Get rewarded for something you do already every day and all day on ur computer! U can also watch short videos, do easy offers and much more to earn points. U also can referrer friends to earn points as they sign up and when they search and win U also win. That's a great incentive. Don't do anything and U earn that sounds good to me. I don't know about you. But I was willing to try something to earn money for basically doing nothing. That's a great job for me. lol

U can redeem UR points for many different things. Such as; partner sites (sports teams,music bands etc) if you like to get exclusive prizes. I usually redeeem for paypal cash but there are many other prizes and gift cards. They also release special codes you can redeem for swagbucks almost every day - sometimes more than one a day! I would recommend following Swagbucks on Twitter and also becoming a fan of their facebook page to keep up with the latest news and information on codes. Also you can check out this page on facebook that helps you find offers that credit well Swagbucks Offers That Credit 


On this site you simply click a button every day to win points! Then you can redeem them for paypal cash & other gift cards. You can also watch videos and enter offers 2 earn points. The more friends that join you on Superpoints the more clicks you will get every day. Oh by the way, you need an invitation or token from someone to let you in. Very private. So here is my invitation link if you would like to join: My network on Superpoints Let's make some money together!



SponsoredTweets referral badge
YOU tell them how much you want them to pay you for tweeting an ad! 
They will suggest a price that you should ask for but I would start out a little lower to see if you receive any "opps"(opportunities) from them.
I've have made 175.35 and till going.... (need $25 to cash out)

Please open up a twitter account twitter is a big money maker!

Will be posting more tomorrow but you can just go to the left of my blog ... where it says money makers go to Mylikes first then so on ..... 


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