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Consumer Advisory Group

Share Product Views and Earn Rewards! Become a member of the Consumer Advisory Group where you can enter sweepstakes for prizes including $50 Gift Cards for completing surveys, as well as opportunities to earn individual gift cards. 

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      Today's Save: Coola Skincare

$15 for $30 worth of organic sunscreen and skin care products from COOLA



      Bonus Save: PixWraps

$39 for 400 photos scanned onto CD + free shipping and $50 credit from PixWraps



      Bonus Save: Super Gadgets iPhone Battery Case

$19 for an external-battery iPhone case from Super Gadgets



      Bonus Save: Inn at Pelican Bay

$69 for a one-night stay at the Inn at Pelican Bay in Naples, Fla.



      Bonus Save: Whiskey Stones

$13 for a nine-pack of whiskey stones + free shipping



      Bonus Save: Freedom Bras

$15 for three seamless, breathable Freedom Bras



      Bonus Save: Olivia Necklace

$29 for a diamond-dusted Olivia necklace + free shipping



      Bonus Save: WidgetLove Hair Towels

$22 for four Super Dry Hair Towels + free shipping



      Bonus Save: WidgetLove Insoles

$12 for two pairs of memory foam insoles + free shipping from Widget Love



      Bonus Save: Hotel Park City

From $129: One or two-night stay in an executive suite at Hotel Park City



      Bonus Save: KC Fortune Cookie Factory

From $10: Giant or restaurant-style custom-message fortune cookies



      Bonus Save: Wawabots

$12 for a water bottle personalized with your favorite photo from Wawabots + free shipping!



      Bonus Save: Bluum

$18 for three months of high-quality product samples for Mom and Baby from bluum



      Bonus Save: Portnology Pill Dispenser

$12 for a sleek designer pill dispenser from Zuup



      Bonus Save: Photo Throw

$12 for two personalized photo mugs from Photo Throw



      Bonus Save: CellPig

$10 for $20 worth of cell phone accessories from — plus free shipping!



      Bonus Save: Miramar Grand Club and Spa

$379 for a four-night stay at Grand Miramar Club and Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



      Bonus Save:

From $29: Two pairs or three pairs of cufflinks from



      Bonus Save: Hollywood Movie Money

Blockbuster Savings: $15 for two movie admissions



      Bonus Save: Blue Dolphin

Use your Save Rewards to get this deal for FREE: Click "Buy Now" to get a free $5 gift card toward magazines from Blue Dolphin



      Bonus Save: EcoSMART

From $24: Organic insect repellent from EcoSMART



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