Welcome #Ladybugs With This Cute House for UR #Garden

Ladybug House
Tired of mites, aphids, whiteflies, and Colorado potato beetles munching on your gardens every season? It's time to call in the ladybug brigade for some help!

One ladybug can eat hundreds of garden-destroying insects each day. Though their diet consists mainly of aphids, mites, and the like, they also consume pollen and nectar. Give them a special treat by planting a few of their favorite aromatic herbs, like fennel and dill.

Make sure you add herbs and other aromatics to your garden to attract them. And offer them shelter with the Eco-Ladybug House. It gives ladybugs protection from wind, rain, heat, and cold. Made of high-impact plastic with a recycled plastic roof, this cute little house measures just 4 inches wide x 4 inches deep x 7 inches tall.

To encourage ladybugs to move in, soak a small piece of a clean sponge in sugar water and place it inside the house. They won't be able to resist! 


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