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Coupons are original manufacturer coupons
cut from
the Sunday paper. 
Not printed from Internet.

All coupons are cut from the Sunday inserts from the past couple weeks.
You are paying $4.00 on my time to cut, sort, list and ship the coupons to you.

ALL Good Expiration dates!

You will receive a nice mix of food, household and beauty coupons
We put as many food coupons as we can get!!!

***If you want baby or pet coupons please specify***

Also if you’re looking for a specific coupon please feel free to email your inquiry and we will try to accommodate we also have complete weekly inserts if that is what you’re looking for
Picture is not always exactly going to match coupons

Please make sure your paypal address is correct and verified
Please email me at RosieSensations@gmail.com for any questions & payment info.

Thanks and have a wonderful day!


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