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Three-Berry Cobbler
Give your homegrown fruits and vegetables the star billing they deserve this weekend in a tasty array of recipes that are perfect for Memorial Day entertaining.

Various Veggies
Creamy Vegetable Dip is an easy-to-fix appetizer that calls for bell pepper, carrot, and green onion, but you can easily use whatever vegetables you have in the garden.

Convenient spreadable cheese provides a delectably creamy coating for pasta and asparagus in Creamy Asparagus Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes. No asparagus? Simply substitute any other seasonal vegetable.

The salad course takes a delicious twist with Strawberry Salad with Candied Almonds and Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette—strawberries are added to both the greens and the dressing.

Mixed Berries

Use an abundance of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries to makeThree-Berry Cobbler for a sure-to-please dessert. 


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