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Easy Does It: Tribal-Print Sandals I Spy DIY's Jenni Radosevich's simple instructions
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DIY footwear conjures images of postpedicure paper flip-flops and plastic bags taped over shoes in the rain.
Here to elevate the idea is I Spy DIY’s Jenni Radosevich. For today’s Easy Does It video, we gave her a pair of $17 H&M sandals and told her to make them special for less than $20.
The result: seriously cute, tribal-inspired kicks that took about 45 minutes, start to finish, to doll up. All you need is colorful string, glue, scissors, and a can-do attitude. Just kidding — you don’t even need a can-do attitude (it’s that easy).
Her trick can also be applied — literally — to belts, bracelets, hair bands, you name it.
If you want more (you will), check out her new book, I Spy DIY Style, for enough ideas to keep you busy all summer.
No fake flower hair clips as shoe adornments in sight.
I Spy DIY Style is available online at amazon.com, $15. To see Radosevich’s inspiration, go to ispydiy.com. Want to learn to do more cool stuff? Watch our videos on getting Madonna-worthy hair, making a Kentucky Derby hat, or constructing a candelabra from stuff at the hardware store.


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