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S.O.A.P. Liquid African Black Soap

Three Lucky Winners Will Receive Two Bottles of Liquid African Black Soap
S.O.A.P. sells handmade natural bath and body products.  The acronym S.O.A.P. stands for Scented, Organic, Artisan and Pure, which aptly describes our bath and body collections.  Our products are made in small batches by soap artisans blending the finest essential oils. The featured African Black Soap is from our PURE Collection.  Recently, Dr. Oz, America’s favorite doctor, proclaimed African Black Soap as the secret to looking younger and erasing up to 5 years off your skin. For centuries, African Black Soap has been known around the world for its anti-aging and all-around healthful skin benefits, including healing blemishes and wrinkles. African Black Soap is 100% natural and is made with plantain leaves commonly found in Ghana. The cooking of the leaves gives it its dark color and it is a natural source of vitamins A and D.  African Black Soap is also a 3-in-1 cleanser - BODY WASH – FACIAL CLEANSER – SHAMPOO and can be used all over your body.  It is the only soap in the world not made of lye.
Retail Value: $30

VENeffect Anti-­Aging Intensive Moisturizer

One Lucky Winner Will Receive a VENeffect Anti-Aging Intensive Moisturizer
VENeffect was developed by women, for women, to preserve and restore the healthy glow of skin at peak hormonal vitality. VENeffect  Anti-Aging Intensive Moisturizer is a super‐hydrating, luxurious moisturizer, richly formulated with proprietary advanced phytoestrogen technology, along with peptides, proteins and nourishing ingredients to dramatically increase skin’s elasticity and help reverse the signs of hormonal aging. Retail Value: $185



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