So #excited when I got #home today, too #SEE

    I was so excited when I got home today, to see a box on my diningroom table. It was from BirchBox. BirchBox is a company that sends you Brand Name Make-up Samples in the mail. They are nice size samples. With a small fee of $10/mth and let me tell you it is well worth it. Also, you can earn FREE Products by writing a review of products received that month. Also, when ordering or just referring people. I love FREE Make-Up, tips and ideas

   October Sample Box, I received Pangea Organics Facial Scrub, Blinc Mascara, AHAVA Foot Cream, Lash Card which is an individually wrapped Mascara Sheilds, & Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel which is Awesome! That is the best stuff I have ever tried in my hair. I didn't put anything else in my hair I wanted to really see if it works. So I washed my hair and towel dried and applied a palm amount of Ouidad. And went on my merry way. I didn't even heat it as it is suppose to be used. Aww Aww Some, my hair is very curly and today was a rainy day. And it held up, very well NO Frizz. And the curls, I was very impressed. Never have no frizzy curls when raining. Ouidad is definitely on my list.  

   Also, the packaging was great and very cute. Pink tissue paper wrapped Ouidad & Pangea with black ribbon & small card attached. Others were in box with larger card. 
Check out picture below.

    Thinking about ordering a BirchBox for my daughter. I know she is defintely going to take my stuff and I just don't want to share. It is well worth the $10. Trust me as a single mom I am very frugal. You have to be now a days and she's in college. OMG that god I have only 1 child.
You definitely need to Join BirchBox. You can cancel anytime. The items I received were well over $50 in products. I am very Happy with BirchBox.


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