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Blog Headers/Banners

I have had a couple requests for instructions on how to make a blog header/banner. It's actually super easy. There are two options. The one I have up now, I made using Picasa. (It's free, you can download it at For instructions on how to make a blog banner using Picasa, click here. (P.S. "Memories on Clover Lane" is my latest obsession. If you have a chance, read through some of her posts. Awesome!)

The other option is using a program called It's also really easy. Here's how you do it:

1. Download (it's free!). Just go to and (top right of the page).
2. It will pull up another page. Click get it now (free download) Paint.NET v3.5.4 (top right of the page).
3. Again, a new page will come up. Scroll about half-way down the page and click the button that looks like this:
4. Another new page will come up, click this:
Free Download Now:
 Paint.NET v3.5.4
5. A download box should pop up. Make sure Save File is the one that is checked, and hit OK.
6. Another box will pop up. Click Save.
7. Now the download will begin. It will take a minute or so, depending on your computer.
8. The next step will be a little different for everyone, depending on your computer. When the download is complete, right click (in the download box) and then click open or extract file (or something similar to that).
9. Now the installer box should pop up. Just follow the instructions on there to complete the download.
10. Once you have on your computer, it's time for the fun part! You will probably want to download some sort of scrapbook package to use. I use (it's free!)--they have really stuff. (If you need help with this step, leave me a comment or send me an email.) 
11. Once you have downloaded the scrapbook stuff you want to use, you are all set. Now, on to the fun stuff...
12. Open up and decide what pictures/scrapbook stuff you want to include.
13. Open up all the pictures/other stuff you want to use (separately, not all in one project). You probably want to pick one paper for the background, a picture or two, and any other clipart thingys you want to use.
14. Now you need to resize all your stuff. Start with the paper you're using for the background. Click image, then resize, then make sure the maintain aspect ratio box is checked and set the width to 600 pixels. Obviously, you want to have everything else be smaller than the background. I would say about 200 pixels and then you can adjust it by stretching/dragging later. 
15. Next you need to save everything you've resized. Just save it under something that's easy for you to find because you're going to be opening it right back up.
16. Once you have everything resized and saved, you want to compile everything together. Open up your background paper. You are going to put everything on top of it. Start by clicking on layers, then import from file, and then find whatever picture/thing you want to import first. Click open.
17. Now drag this picture/thing around and make sure you have it exactly where you want it before you open up something else because you can't move it once you do. 
18. Repeat those steps to insert the rest of your pictures/things.
19. If you want to add text, you have a couple of options. There are alphabet packages with all of the different packages on You can use those by opening them up (and resizing all the letters before you insert them because they are HUGE and will mess up your project if you insert them without resizing). You can also just type write on your project. Use the text tool on the little tool bar. 
20. Once you are done, all you need to do is save your header/banner and put it on your blog. You want to make sure you save it as a JPEG file, not the PDN that it is automatically set to save as. Then just go to your blog, click customize, layoutand edit header. Make sure thatinstead of title and description is checked. Also, make sure thatshrink to fit is not checked. (If you resized everything, it should fit, and you don't want it to shrink.) 
21. That's it! 


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