I'm so Mad Right Now! Wouldn't you Be if....

You Contact a company to claim your credit. And they tell you it has expired. 
Then, lie to you while your are talking to them in online chat customer service.
When, they are wrong for some reason the person you are talking to is NEW!
ClickInks.com Is the company that I am complaining about.
I would think they would want to keep their customers happy.
But I guess not so I just had to put their BULLSHIT ONLINE.
What would you do in this situation. Please Read below.
And I was nice. Would you be nice.

RoseAnn: hi Ana
Ana: hello, what can I assist you with
RoseAnn: I was chatting with Meg a few minutes ago and lost contact here is my chat from previous So you can know what's going on
RoseAnn: Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'Meg' 
Meg: Hello, thank you for choosing ClickInks and welcome to our live chat service. How may I assist you today? 
RoseAnn: Hi, Meg RoseAnn: Well I have a credit and I would like to order some ink but I can't find the credit in my account. Can you help me? Or explain what has happened to the credit?
 Meg: Do you happen to have an order # I can use to pull up your account? 
RoseAnn: Let me see. Hold on, please. 
RoseAnn: No sorry I don't. 
Meg: Ok - do you have a phone number that would be associated with the account? 
RoseAnn: xxxxxxxxxx
Meg: thank you one moment please 
Meg: It looks like the last order was from 2009 is that correct? Meg: Hello? 
RoseAnn: Yes 2009
Ana: give me a moment while I check your account
RoseAnn: ok thanks
Ana: You have 2532 loyalty points on your account which equals $25.32
RoseAnn: ok how can I use those points
Ana: although since your last order was in 2009, they have expired.  Any loyalty points acquired, expire in 18 months
Ana: if not used, sorry
RoseAnn: Oh I didn't know that
RoseAnn: I thought I would always have the credit.
Ana: I'm fairly new here, and that was I was told
Ana: I apologize for any inconvenience,..
RoseAnn: This is not good. So I loose my credit. Is there someone else I can speak or type to..
Ana: let me ask
Ana: Could you please give me a number where you can be reached.  My supervior is on another call right now, and will try to reach you later today.
RoseAnn: Do you have a number there where. I can reach your supervisor?
Ana: she is a lunch right now, otherwise you can try and call 1-800-706-4657 in about 30 minutes.
RoseAnn: ok I see your giving me the run around. You just said she was on another call. Now you say she is at lunch. I'm confused. I will call. Thanks for your help.

Never seen anything like this in my life.... Companies taking advantage of people. BULLSHIT!


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