Cricut Cartridge Search


The Mom, is like many of you . . . loves to spend time crafting, but because of her busy life often finds that she does not have as much time to spend on her projects as she would like to. Once she caught the Cricut bug, she started collecting more and more cartridges. Friends and family would give them to her as gifts, or give her gift cards that she would save up to purchase cartridges. After a while, she started to find that she could not keep track of her collection any more. Have you ever had that feeling that you KNOW you have something, but you just cannot remember where? That was exactly what was happening to her. She would often find herself saying "I know I have a cartridge with a picture of . . . " and then she would spend more time flipping through the Cricut Cartridge handbooks to try and find that image, rather than spending that time enjoying her crafting. Continue...


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