I just can't sleep and my significant other wants to BreakUp

I just can't sleep and my significant other wants to BreakUp. I just don't understand why do we have to go to bed when they go to bed. I never heard anything like this before. It's crazy, feel like I'm babysitting a 2 yr old. Afraid of the dark or something.
How can they be so insensitive, always thinking of themselves. What if, my stomach doesn't feel good or I have a headache, or maybe even I may have cramps. Or maybe I would like to catch up on my shows. Why does it always have to be that I want to be on the computer. 
Last night, I wasn't in bed at a normal time. I was re-arranging my kitchen. Where was he in bed not even realizing I was gone for hours, cleaning. 
What was he doing; he was on the computer and watching TV.
We fight about this all the time. It's getting annoying to fight about stupid things. And I think this is stupid. 
Relationships are crazy, so hard to BreakUp!
And advice would be appreciative. Please leave comments at the end of this. Thanx Rosie


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