Woman Intuitions, Can make you think Ur a Witch! {Thinking} hmm...

Woman Intuitions, Can make you think Ur a Witch! 
{Thinking} hmm...

My, thought for TOday, HUMP day!
If this offends you anyway, then you should not be reading this.

I got this weird feeling in my stomach, last night that something is not right.
So I start looking for clues and putting things together.
WOW, things that you can find out if you just look a little.
So tired of being played as a fool.

You just need to justify yourself, you know who you are!
Why do U say You <3 a person, When really YOU don't.

Question to all my readers:
If you significant other, decides to hang out with his ex.
Without telling you. Do you think there would be something going on?
Secret calls all hours of the night. And when "S.O." hang out with you, they shut off the phone or it's on vibrate. And they say, "there is nothing going on?"
Please tell me what you think?
Comment below.

Woman Intuitions, Can make you think Ur a Witch! 
{Thinking} hmm...

I am so tight right now. That I don't even know what to write.
You think things are going well. That's bull. Never put your guard down.
I'm so hurt. Tired of being played as a fool, You tried playing 1 to many times.
And that's it I'm DONE! You can't appreciate my LOve to U.

U say I kicked you out, U kept accusing me of cheating on you and it's
been you all along. UR not going to drive me crazy anymore.
You have been hurting me for so long.

To be Continued....
have to get back to work.


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