Glad to Give - Cookies for Kids' Cancer™

Glad to Give:
"Despite the facts, approximately half of the drugs used to treat children with cancer are 20 years old 5. Why? One reason is money – more is needed for this important research.

Cookies for Kids' Cancer™, a non-profit organization committed to raising money to support pediatric cancer research, wants to help with the simple idea of raising money for research through bake sales.

GLAD is a proud supporter of Cookies for Kids' Cancer™.
We hope to inspire you to support this charity's efforts by hosting a bake sale of your own. Don't forget to use Glad products to ensure your bake sale treats stay fresh, organized and travel-safe.

So, be a good cookie and get baking because there's no
better time than now. More money means more research and more chances for kids with cancer to survive. And wouldn't
that be sweet."


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