DOGGy Info: Natural Home Remedy for Hot Spots

Natural Home Remedy for Hot Spots
Some breeds can really struggle with skin issues. Rather it's staph, constant dry skin or hot spots, natural solutions are often the best remedies. There are some natural things you can do with items you likely already have in your kitchen.

What you'll need:

-Oil of Oregano so you can use topically
-Olive Oil
-Thick wash-clothes or hand towels
-Warm water, as hot as you can get it that won't burn you or your dog
-Rubber gloves for your protection

What to do:
  1. While wearing your rubber gloves, cleanse the wound with the hot water washcloth. Make this into a compress and allow it to set on the wound until it is cool. Rinse cloth and do this again to the same wound. You will want to do this until anything oozy stops. Oozy gunk is infection and what you are wanting to do at this point is pull this to the surface and wash it away.
  2. To the clean wound rub on the mixture of about 1-3 drop ratio of Oil of Oregano and Olive Oil. If able, put pet in a cone to prevent pet from licking at the wound while using topical mixture.
  3. For internal use give the pet 1-2 drops daily of Oil of Oregano orally. This can be done by adding to food that is eaten quickly or by rubbing into pets mouth with finger.
  4. Leave wound open if you can as it will air dry and heal better.


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