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Here are some tips how to recruit or sell your products. Please read very helpful.

I really believe when you devote your business to helping others, you’re on the way to success in addition to so many good feelings. You will know when you are sharing and focusing on others and not yourself. You will not change how you feel about sharing with the next person based on what happened with the previous person. When you share, it is important not to pre-judge or leave anyone out. Decide, "I will be happy when I am sharing no matter what they say to me."

I’m so pleased to have my own business. Are you? Demonstrate a thankful feeling and do not just say it. Be on a mission this summer to share everywhere. Here are a few sharing tips: 

When someone asks, "how has your summer been", be ready to paint a pretty picture and say, "I’ve been great. Thanks so much for asking. In fact, I am so excited! About, my new business venture. I have my own business with... Have you ever had an experience with us? I know you are not here to hear about my business. I am so excited to share, but I would like to talk about it at a more appropriate time. Would you enjoy hearing more about it at an appropriate time?" If they say, "yes", than change the subject and focus on anything other than your business. Then follow up at an appropriate time. If they say, "no I am not interested", then say, "Thanks for being honest with me. Or maybe you can say, “here’s my card and if you change your mind or if you have a friend, give me a call anytime.”

Appreciate all the people you meet while you are out shopping, at the post office, anywhere where someone helps you. An incident happened recently to me at Home Depot. I was on line checking out my items. The young man at the cash register said, “Can I ask you a personal question?”. I said, “Sure, shoot”. Do you think my girlfriend will cheat on me if she goes to college? That was my cue to tell him about my Business how I can teach and provide info and products to help his situation. He took my business card and catalog which always great to have on hand. In just a few days they can me a call and order a few products. So please talk to everyone. “You have nothing to loose, but everything to gain.” Simple little questions may help.

Here is another script you may use:
Say, "I really appreciate your customer service today. In fact, that is something I focus on in my business too. Are you familiar with company...? Then say, "I know you are not here to hear about my business. I am so excited to share everywhere but really like to talk more about it at appropriate times. Would you enjoy hearing more about it at an appropriate time?" If they say," yes", than ask, "would you feel comfortable giving me your name and phone number? Whether they say yes or no, be sure to change the subject and focus on anything other than your business. Then follow up at an appropriate time. If they say, "no I am not interested", then say," Thanks for being honest with me. 

It is essential to pronounce your company to share in case someone needs you opposed to only wanting to share because you have a need for him or her. Believe there are many people just waiting for you to find them. You find them by sharing with everyone and not letting anyone saying "no", halt your mission in helping others. Hearing someone say, "No", will never keep you from success. Not wanting to hear it will.

Thanks, for being a part of my life and allowing me to be a part of yours. I know that all of you continue to help give me giving me the courage to go on with my mission in helping others. Make the decision to be successful and happy... it works!

Yes, it’s true I signed up with Temptations Parties. There were many companies I thought of getting into, I have tried many companies in the past. I suggested many catalog information on companies I thought of being a consultant. I wanted something that has great products, and the company has been around for years. Also, the customer service and up-line that was convenient to deal with it. Wanted a company that was going to be right for me and comfortable for me to promote and believe in.

Besides, I have some freaky friends. So I figured I make some money from it. Us, woman do hate going in certain stores. Not that we want to buy anything, but we are curious about certain things. And we may know that many men love this stuff. What am I saying many men LOL, all men.
I figured I didn’t want to get into a company that wasn’t on the distributors list. I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes.

So the people that I have contacted I would recommend you as great consultants, on point and straight forward. Thanks for all your help.

Well as for me I have had a long month. Been reading so much, I have found some great sites that will help your Home Party Business to be a success. I hope these sites help as much as they are helping me.

This is a great site. For your Home Business, they have many different products for people in the party plan and direct sales industry to "Boost their Sales and Brighten their Image!" They have been in business for 25 years offering the "little things that make a BIG difference to your business." They are here to help YOU to unlock your potential and be more successful in your business!

Tele-classes you can take for a small fee. Pre-made invitations that can be printed by TheBooster.com, or you can download the template to make your own. They have great stickers, and other great resources to promote your business.

So, I have decided to make a blog that will be updated bi-weekly as I receive info from our members as they come in.
Please check out other sites where you may want to post your business
Blogger: http://ishopathomeusa.blogspot.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/IShopatHomeUSA
MySpace: www.myspace.com/im2grafic
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ishopathomeusa
Webs.com : http://rosiesensations.webs.com

There are many different companies that offer Home Party Business Opportunities and many can be found right here on I Shop at Home USA. It is usually a good idea to go with an established company that has been around for a while and has a good reputation.


Hi! My name is Polly Palmer and I’ve got a November Special Offer to all the WAHMs who might be reading our newsletter.
“What’s a WAHM?” you ask? A WAHM is a Work-At-Home-Mom most often referring to Moms who have their own businesses that they run from their homes with all the distractions and duties that working from home entails.
Well, if you’re a WAHM with a business take a look at our site IShopAtHomeUSA.com and decide if it’s for you. And if you decide that you’d like to become a member of our ISHOP Family we’ll be so delighted that any new member who joins because of this newsletter this month will be given a Gift Certificate worth $50.00 for dinner at a restaurant of your choice. That’s like getting your membership for FREE! Just enter the code “November” when you join and your gift certificate (good for one year) with be sent directly to your mailbox!



Essential Escape
Shimmering Summer Peaches!
This special collection is a limited edition End of Summer Special Collection
*Shorty Shea
*9 ounce Shower Gel
*20 ounce Salt Scrub
For Only $25 valued at $37.00!
Incentives for Booking:
Dated bookings before the show - $10 credit each 
$200 outside orders before show - free mineral bath ($10) 
$300 show - free bonus buy ($12) 
$400 show - free hostess special ($20 or $25, your choice) 
$500 show - free basic kit ($29)
Gwen Cleck #2643 www.essentialsescape.com 717.994.0750
Southern Living at HOME

Southern Living is offering a "Mega Kit" when you sign up, as a consultant in August. They have added three bonus products to the starter kit, making it over $750 in product for just $199.00 plus tax! The new Fall 2009 catalog starts August 1 and many new items are in the kit as well as standard favorites. You can always order from me, but there are lots of perks to hosting your own party and even more by becoming a consultant and starting your income on day one with no quotas or territories. Call me for our monthly specials for hostesses and customers, to order, host a party or own your own business.

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." Helen Keller

Join our team and earn the Entertaining Bucket and Stand, 8 place settings of the Gallery Flatware and the Astoria Flatware Caddy for FREE! Ask me how!

Senior Consultant
Mabel Coleman ~ www.southernlivingathome.com/mabel ~479-651-2147


Close to My Heart
You do so much for everyone else. Let Close to My Heart do something for you! Place a minimum order of $100 and you not only get the August Stamp of the Month for FREE but we’ll also throw in a Level 2 paper packet as well (a total retail value of $39.90)!

How about even more thanks? We’ll also cover the tax and shipping/handling on the free products! Your free paper packet will be hand-selected for you by Close To My Heart from the popular and currently-available paper packets. 

Starting August 18th, you can celebrate National Stamping Month with the new Delight in the Everyday card kit. There are 3 ways to get this fabulous card kit for FREE!
• Purchase a minimum of $60 in stamp sets between August 18–September 30 
• Host a Party with minimum sales of $400 in September 
• Sign up as a new Consultant in September

You can also buy as many card kits as you’d like for $39.95 per kit. Express your passion for stamping with this pretty new card kit today!

Close to My Heart makes scrapbooking and stamping faster, simpler, and easier.

Close to My Heart consultant & Executive Manager 910-796-0395

 Sheila Cantonwine: www.cantonwine.myctmh.com Email: Cantonwines@yahoo.com



Are YOU ready?

There are some things in life you know you can count on. The swallows, returning home to Capistrano, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, springtime brings blue bells in the south and tulips in the north; and in July, the Back to School ads hit the newspapers BIG TIME!

Are YOU ready?
Summertime and all the fun and lack of structure will soon be a distant memory. For some of us, the re-entry to the “real world” is welcome and for others there is sadness. But unless you home-school, if you have children; the Back to School regime along with all of the related expenses is inevitable.
Thankfully, the fall also signals the start of the busiest time of year for your home business. Many companies introduce a new catalog and/or new or additional products to their line. So, again, we ask…
Are YOU ready?
Use the following checklist to be sure your office is in tip top shape so that you will, in fact, BE ready to cash in on the upcoming season.
• From your company - order business supplies
o Catalogs
o Order forms
o Invitations
o Recruiting/Hostess brochures
o Business cards or magnets
• If you haven’t already, familiarize yourself with the most current specials and promotions your company is offering. (If you’ve taken the summer off, this is key) Consider putting all current information in a ½ inch 3 ring binder to carry with you wherever you go.
• Look over your party supplies.
o Can you find your calculator?
o Do you have pencils/pens for your guests?
o If you use some type of guest folder, what shape is everything in?
o How do your samples look to the “outside eye”? (Replace as necessary)
o Update or create visual aids for your parties that illustrate the hostess plan and also the business opportunity
o If you use a tablecloth, wash and iron or dry-clean it as necessary.
o Be sure any additional display items that you use for your parties are clean and/or in good working order.
• When your company business supplies arrive get ready to hit the ground running
o Pre-stuff 20-30 hostess packets
o Put a recruiting binder in order – use a 3 ring binder for appointments that includes your catalog, general information sheet or brochure, a sample of something from the company that they might receive as a consultant (like a newsletter) and recruiting form(s).
Keep in mind too that with some companies, the percentage that you pay in shipping charges goes down as the size of your order grows, so consider ordering in all your fall supplies at once, or budding up with another consultant in the area to save some money.


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